Water Quality Inspection


The majority of FHA, USDA, and VA mortgage loans require well water testing. Our Water Quality Inspection includes two samples, one taken from the well head that’s tested for Nitrates, Total Coliform (bacteria) & E. Coli (bacteria), with the other sample take from inside the home at a faucet that’s tested for hardness and PH levels. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends testing your private well for bacteria once a year and nitrates once every five years. We recommend having your well tested prior to purchasing a home to give you piece of mind.


Note: Due to this inspection including laboratory results the inspection report can take up to a week to receive after samples have been shipped and received by our provider.


Water Quality Inspection Fees:
Standalone $200.00, With 100-Point, Pre-Warranty Expiration or Pre-Listing Inspection $100.00


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