Vacant House Check

As prior military and prior law enforcement, we know a thing or two about security. Whether your on vacation for a week, or out of town on business for months, our Vacant House Check Inspection provides you with peace of mind while you’re away, with no unexpected surprises upon your return. We can attach a key lock-box at your door so that while you’re away, we’re able to access your residence. With our service, we aim to stop catastrophic events like plumbing floods from toilets, shutoff valves, and pipes, electrical fires that could have been prevented with warning signs like scorching or melting wires, and appliance issues (refrigerators and freezers loosing power) that can literally cost you thousands of dollars or your entire house. Should a system or component be in need of a repair while you’re away, we can facilitate the repair with a local contractor.

Our service includes a visual inspection of the following:

  • Security check of exterior doors and windows
  • Plumbing Systems (sink/toilet shutoff valves, toilets,water heater ect)
  • Electrical Systems (service disconnect, sub panels, plugged-in appliances, verify electrical service)
  • HVAC systems (verify thermostat, temp readings at registers, condenser, AC air handler)
  • Appliances (refrigerator, freezers)
  • Irrigation (verify main control panel and sprinklers)
  • Unauthorized occupancy (we’ll alert local law enforcement to signs of break-in or occupancy) 

Vacant House Check Fees:
$50.00 weekly for 2 visits per week, $75.00 weekly for 3 visits per week.


Have Peace Of Mind While Your Gone, And Leave Nothing To Chance